Happy Birthday ITV

Yes, the commercial channel - the one whose opening night was rubbished by The Archers - is 60 years old today. It's come a long way. And so has advertising. Look at this example from the original year of broadcast, 1955, the very first ad to appear on the new TV channel.

Compared to today's creative extravaganzas it's like a Public Information Film. Yes, things have certainly moved on. Though I do lament the passing of the ITV regions with their regional 'idents' - those little jingles that announced who was broadcasting what and where and to whom. It was a bit like local radio in telly land but I loved it. And now, from Norwich, it's the Quiz of the Week...

Or how about... How?

I must confess I was always a little disappointed by the static nature of my own regional station, Yorkshire.

Still, it was better than what they had in Lancashire.

That was it. No music, no animation, nothing. And usually (in our house) followed immediately by the whining, muted trumpet signalling the start of Coronation Street. And I mean Coronation Street. Not 'Corre' as it's now become. Ee-nay, Mr Wilks. Oh sorry, that was Emmerdale. Farm. When it still was. 

But I digress. If there was a poll for the best ITV ident of all time it would have to, surely, go to this wonderful example of what creative heights can be achieved with an Airfix kit of the Golden Hinde, a bit of silver spray and a turntable. Ah, happy days... in fact, Happy Birthday. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

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